Information for ee2018 presenters

Thank you for sharing your valuable experience as a presenter at EE2018! To ensure that your preparations go smoothly and your participation is both productive and enjoyable, please take careful note of the following instructions and key dates.



If you have not already done so, please register for the meeting now and reserve your lodging at the meeting hotel.


Session Planning

Your Session Moderator will convene one or more session planning calls beginning in August. During this call, you will:

  • Get to know your Session Moderator and fellow Session Presenter(s);
  • Discuss the session’s theme, format, content, timing, and transitions;
  • Discuss development and submission of any documents or presentation media; and
  • Learn about the session’s room setup, audio-visual equipment, and other logistics.

Session Recordings and Presentation Considerations

All General Sessions and most Concurrent Sessions at EE2018 will be recorded and posted to the meeting website for later viewing. The recordings will include video and audio of each speaker that is synced up to any presentation materials.


Please send all final presentation materials to Megan Swanson at mswanson [at] by October 8.


Your presentation materials will be posted to the EE2018 website and meeting app. Please review the Agenda to ensure that your name, affiliation, and presentation title(s) match your expectations.


Because only Final materials will be posted to the website, please do not submit “draft” or “almost final” materials to Megan Swanson.


If you plan to conduct a live demonstration, you will need to bring your own laptop. Hardline internet connections will be provided at the podium for live demonstrations. You should arrive at the Session at least 20 minutes early to connect your laptop and ensure that the demonstration performs correctly.

No other presenters will need to bring a laptop. You will be provided with a wireless remote to share any presentation materials from the stage. We will have everything pre-loaded and ready to go, so you do not need to bring a copy on a thumb drive.

Guidelines for Preparing Slides

If you choose to use a PowerPoint presentation, please observe the following guidelines:

1.    First, remember that a PowerPoint is not the only option! We welcome other supporting documents or media, as well as sessions that are more interactive and don’t have any additional materials.

2.    Start with a slide that includes the final title of your presentation, your name and affiliation, and any co-presenters’ or authors’ names and affiliations.

3.    Ensure all slides are in widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) format. Email Megan Swanson at mswanson [at] if you need assistance.

4.    Develop slides that are simple, not overly complicated or busy, and have plenty of “white space.”

5.    Minimize reliance on text to deliver your message. Slides should support and compliment the narration, not make the narrator superfluous. The best PowerPoint presentations are virtually meaningless without the presenter’s narration.

6.    Use high-quality graphics and tables and avoid low-res photos, complicated animation, and “Clip Art” that could undermine the professionalism of your presentation. Remember that your presentation is being recorded and will reside on the EE2018 website after the meeting.

7.    Feel free to reach out to your Session Moderator and/or your fellow presenters for any tips and tricks learned from previous presentation experiences.

8.    Have fun!



Thank you for helping us make EE2018 a great experience!